About Us


Gert Swart’s Contact Centre career began in 1996 as an ICT support engineer and developer. After assisting South Africa’s “big four” banks with Y2K testing, Gert moved abroad where he installed and configured cutting-edge Contact Centre technology in Kuwait, Dubai, and London. In 2001, Gert joined Genesys, currently a trusted partner of ODEK Customer Engagement and the biggest product solution provider as well.

Where We Began

ODEK Customer Engagement started as a project in Genesys South Africa to grow Genesys revenue in South Africa. The ideas discussed in the team was to establish and support a new partner. One year later ODEK Customer Engagement (then called Elingo Business Solutions) was formed with only two Engineers, whereas one doubled as the Sales person. Within three months we grew to five members and now we have a team of over 20 employees each skilled in their unique way.

Our Growth

In four years, we have established a sustainable fast growing business, winning Genesys partner of the year in 2015. We are no longer considered as a Start-up Company but rather fully-fledged Company as we are now approaching our fifth year of successful business relations and satisfied employees. ODEK Customer Engagement has been established as a company that aims to make a significant impact on the performance of customers and the customer experience of their customers. ODEK Customer Engagement was setup to break the mould in the South African market, and be relevant to both our partners and customers. ODEK Customer Engagement has been founded on entrepreneurial principles and aims to employ the best and brightest in South Africa. Our test of success will be our ability to transform great lateral ideas into superb execution for the benefit of our customers.

Our Goal

While ODEK makes extensive use of technology, we are also a people centred business with a complete focus on connecting people with people.


ODEK has defined the following key values which define everything we do:

  • We keep to our commitments and take full responsibility for our actions;
  • Our customers are our partners we therefore go to extraordinary lengths to delight them.
  • Be an effective source of Knowledge and Information to our employees customers and partners.
  • Disrupt the norm to become the norm.


We can help our clients change their view of how to apply what they already have in a unique way, we can help your employees change how they approach their work, become more agile and become the disruptions in the South African market when it comes to customer experience.