The Customer Experience Platform is the next evolution in managing customer interaction processes in the Contact Center where customer service processing is aligned and integrated with overall business processes. This platform is the next generation of a powerful, proven, single platform for deploying and managing inbound and outbound multimedia interactions.


This “Speech-to-Phrase Recognition” approach directly recognizes entire phrases within free-flowing conversations, without first converting the speech into text or phonemes as all other Interaction Analytics methods do. Thus, no data is lost in conversion, which produces a much higher combined accuracy and detection rate than competing approaches.


The Social Media Platform is designed to help organizations create the integrated approach they need to turn the social media opportunity into genuine business benefits. It delivers the capabilities companies need to establish social media as an emerging marketing and customer service touch point, and ensures that they capitalize fully on those efforts to deliver a satisfying customer experience.


Provide consistent, personalized engagement across digital and voice channels. Design, make actionable and effectively monitor even the most complex customer journeys using “direct-to-best” automated routing and business rules. Unify inbound and outbound communication to deliver proactive, contextual interactions that create an effortless experience while providing agents with a single omnichannel desktop to efficiently deliver exceptional service.

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