OCE Voice provides a simplified, end to end communication solution, allowing your business to achieve a rich, seamless and high quality collaboration experience. The OCE Voice solution offers a completely cloud- based hosted unified communications experience. Now you never need to worry about upgrading PBX hardware and software, renewing PBX support contracts, or being dragged by an obsolete communications system that impacts productivity and profitability.


An electronic communication system in which spoken messages are recorded or digitized and stored for later playback to the intended recipient left a message in the company’s voice mail. Voicemail to email adds additional functionality whereby these recordings are emailed to your inbox. This mitigates the risk of having your Voice mailbox run out of storage.


OCE Voice is packaged along with a telephone management system that grants multi-tenant and multi-site capabilities. This provides customers with enhanced tiers of reporting and ease of use. Generating departmental reports and billing based on specific sites or branches, is no longer a complicated task.


OCE Voice Switchboard Operator Panel is a professional softphone for operators and receptionists with Outlook/LDAP/XMPP/CRM integration, built-in web browser and e-mailer.

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