Seamless Journeys

It was an absolute privilege and wonderful experience to attend the Genesys CX17 Conference that was held in Brussels recently. I was enthralled by the modern technologies that Genesys have brought on board in the last year and very excited by one lady that I met by the name of “KATE!” Wow she is special and may I say very talented. Really it is not what you think!!

Genesys introduced us to “Kate” which is a customer service-specific AI ecosystem that enables all manner of amazing tools. Kate is purely focused on delivering magnificent customer experiences, and brings her own micro apps and natural language understanding. Kate will bring together the capabilities of Blended AI, such as using IBM Watson for Big Data, to deliver even more power by bridging automation with the human touch.

With all the excitement that I brought back home to SA, Kate stood out as one of the best Customer Engagement tools in the market today for one reason only – she can seamlessly blend AI and human agent functions that ensure customers have less effort and more choice of channel and experience. THIS IS AWESOME!

Practically designing an experience that involves Artificial Intelligence, Bots is never going to be an easy thing to do, however with Kate this seems to be taken care of through a series of easy to use pre-developed templates which you can overlay your customer journey on to. Also, even more challenging is to know when your customer may want to break out to a human agent…also very possible through a range of mini apps. But how does all the tech fit together with us humans to provide a seemless yet memorable experience you ask….

Let me introduce you to Alesandro, our Uber Driver that transported my colleagues and I to the airport on our final day in Belgium…WOW what a passionate, efficient and exuberant character. From the moment, he arrived it was like a whirl wind of excitement; greeting with a firm handshake and contagiously warm smile to each member of our party, loading our luggage with extra exceptional care, even taking the time to know our names and where we were from…and we hadn’t gotten into the vehicle yet! Without a blink of an eye he knew everything we were expecting as travellers such as short cuts, paying attention to us and to traffic flows to ensure that we got to our destination on time. Constant updates of where we were and why different routes were being taken (There was a major delay of 20 minutes had he not use his Customer Service senses that we would have been caught up in). The entire journey was filled with high fives, constant chatter and most importantly entertainment for 3 very tired travellers. Boy did he leave us with a great last impression of Belgium. As you know the Uber app is extremely convenient and I personally use it fairly frequently, however, Apps tend to be rather cold yet very efficient with the service being equally so or even overacted to make travellers journeys less painful.

It is truly amazing what potential AI and Bots brings to the fore of customer engagement for convenience, time saving and cost saving for both customers and companies alike. When you can include the ability to passionately and enthusiastically serve your customers, track their journey and bring context of who they and what they require, it will be a most beautiful unity of human intervention and machines assistance.