The Customer Experience Platform is the next evolution in managing customer interaction processes in the Contact Center where customer service processing is aligned and integrated with overall business processes. This platform is the next generation of a powerful, proven, single platform for deploying and managing inbound and outbound multimedia interactions.


ODEK Customer Engagement will scope and analyse any custom requirements for on-premise solutions that require API Integration. This functionality will be dependent on the current application stack and the requirements of the customer integration.


ODEK Customer Engagement can provide session border controllers to cater for voice security and utilising features such as upper registration. This grants the ability to state fully inspect all voice packets that are destined for your network before sending the request to your voice platform.


Our session border controllers can be configured for LCR scenarios to save costs on multiple upstream provider calls. These session border controllers also perform load balancing on the DMZ or internal facing networks to cater for SRV routing scenarios.

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